How it’s Done

On an average day, we do a little of everything, from taking apart books, coloring cloth and paper to match, making a box, or flattening paper. We’ll be using this space to give you a little insight on how we do some of the work we do.

Pressure printing

Sometimes when we print we don’t have to cut linoleum or set some metal type. This printing process uses layered paper to create the dark and light images on the page.

See what we did here.

The Cobler’s son gets a book back

We get books to repair from institutions, individuals, and in this case, Andrew’s son. This flap book needed a sturdy conservation treatment to get it back in shape.

See what we did here.

All that glitters is gold

Sometimes a book needs a special title or label to make it right. See how we add gold lettering to spines and book covers.

See what we did here.

Printing a Poetry Broadside

We printed a broadside for an Iowa Poetry Organization, and combined linoleum cuts, hand set wood and metal type, and a pressure print.

See what we did here.