Conservation and Restoration

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At Big River Bindery we can repair and conserve your books and documents. We use archival materials and methods to get your family treasure in shape to use and enjoy for generations.

Treatments include:

Repair of paper
Unrolling and flattening of paper documents
Stain Reduction
Spine Replacement
Reattaching Covers
New covers

This copy of Burns poems had seen better days. The scotch tape was removed, tears in the pages were repaired with japanese tissue, and the spine was replace with new tissue and cloth. All original material was put back on the book once stable.


Burns-after copy

This book was in a house fire. The cover was beyond help, but the text block was in good shape. The book edges were cleaned to remove soot and dirt, the  text block spine was reinforced, and a new cover was made and added to the book.

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This bible had been used and well loved. The cover material had become brittle, and broke in many spots. The cover was removed, pages and the spine was repaired, and the original cover was repaired with japanese tissue and cloth. The finished book was more flexible and strong than the original.

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Sometimes it’s the notations and markings in a book that are important. This bible had been well loved and used weekly. The cover and endsheets were replaced, stamped with gold.

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Contact us to set up a time to meet to evaluate your items. A treatment report will be completed outlining our methods and the timeframe.

Email us at or call at 416-805-5578.