Online Workshop: Sculptural Books: Carousel, Tunnel, & Flag Books

Dates TBA| 3 weeks
3 pre-recorded video tutorials and PDF instructions posted each Thursday at 8:00 am ET. Access to a private chat area for questions and comments, additional videos posted when needed. Two zoom office hours will be available during the class for students to meet, discuss, and ask questions.

$140 ($185 with curated materials kit)

Instructor: Andrew Huot

Sculptural Books: Carousel, Tunnel, & Flag Books

Books not only contain information but can  also be a way to explore our surroundings in unique ways. In this workshop we will explore options for three-dimensional bookmaking. Concentrating on accordion folded variations, we will construct tunnel, carousel, and flag books. These structures are ideal for making artist books, children’s books, and unique presentation items. Tunnel and Carousel books have historically been used for children’s books or keepsakes and the flag book combines the accordion with pages that move as you open the book.

In this course you will learn:

How to use the bookbinding tools.
Knowledge of bookmaking materials and their qualities.
How to make three (3) sculptural book structures.
Ways to use narrative imagery in the book form.

Level of Experience / Skills Required

All levels; no prior book-making experience required.

You will need the following supplies:


Text weight paper – 65# to 80#
Cover weight paper – 65# to 80#
Book board / Binders Board

Kits of curated materials are available for purchase. Materials will be from a variety of sources and cut to size. There will be enough to allow you to make one each book.


Bone Folder
Craft Knife / Olfa / Xacto
Metal Ruler
Self-healing cutting mat
Bookbinder’s Awl
Glue Brush
PVA Adhesive
Plastic Triangle

Images to use in our books: postcards, photos, or magazine images. You will be cutting these up and using them in the books.

Assembled tool kits for this class can be found at Colophon Book Arts, link here. You can purchase the basic kit at the link and add on any additional tools for this workshop. You can also purchase tools from any bookbinding supplier on the resource page or at your local art supply store.

Please leave your contact information so we can alert you when dates have been set and registration is open.

How this online workshop works


Video tutorials and accompanying pdfs will be posted on Wednesday mornings. You can access these materials any time once they are released, and work at your own pace. You’ll have time to complete the lesson at your convenience before moving on to the next lesson on the following Wednesday. During the week, I’ll be checking messages in the chat area to answer any questions you may have along the way.


Tutorials post at 8 am ET

Week 1, Overview of Tools & Materials, Tunnel Book

Week 2, Carousel Book

Week 3, Flag Book